Clément Bergantz

Freelancer vision app

Comet is a platform that allow companies to work with a community of talented tech and data freelancers

Role: Freelance Product Designer with a focus on User Experience Design

Period: November 2019 - February 2020

As a young company in search of its “product-market fit” Comet has always been very iterative and experiment-driven. Over time, on the Product and Design side, this resulted in a lake of cohesion and consistency in the user experience we offered to our freelancers. Some changes in the strategy of the company and the arrival of a new Head of Product offered a good opportunity to redesign the user experience of the whole application.

Working on the user experience of a whole application at once instead of working from one problem / solution to another was really challenging.

We iterated on a lot of different product topics and gathered all our solutions in a prototype of the vision of the app that is used as a visual representation of the coming user experience for the product roadmap.

  • User interviews, internal interviews and workshops to build a user journey map with user's painpoints
  • Information architecture
  • User flow diagrams
  • Benchmark of other products
  • Wireframe and low-fidelity protoype

Journey map: our persona’s pain-points and questions on a specific phase 

User flow diagrams overview with comments and discusions with the product team

User flow diagrams - details

Early pen-and-paper sketches: mission preferences setting (left photo) and a new timeline based messaging (right photo) - in french

Low-fidelity prototype: mission recommendation and browsing experience - in french

Some parts of this work have been shipped and are now available on Comet.

Main lesson learned
You can't build a great user experience without strong and clear product principle.

Clément Bergantz, Paris, 2019                ︎   ︎   ︎