Clément Bergantz

With previous experience in Product Management, both as an employee and a freelancer, I decided to dig into Product Design in 2018 to spend more time understanding people and build human-centered products. I consider myself to be a full-stack Product Designer, able to understand my users (through research, interview, and testing), and build simple user experiences with delightful interfaces.

In 2017, I attended Le Wagon's coding Bootcamp to learn web development and thus, I'm able to work in close relationships with both Back-end and Front-end Developers.

Eager to learn I also attended the first batch of The Design Crew in 2018 where I strengthened my Product Design skills with experienced executives from Algolia, Getaround (ex Drivy), Heetch, Doctolib, Adobe, and Lydia.

I'm currently working as a freelance Product Designer for a french freelance marketplace specialized in tech and data profile called Comet.

If you are interested in my work, please drop me a line at

Clément Bergantz, Paris, 2019                ︎   ︎   ︎